Once the apprenticeship training is completed, an independent assessment will take place, this is called an 'end-point assessment'. The assessment is the apprentice’s opportunity to demonstrate that they are genuinely competent in their occupation at the end of their training.

It also gives the apprentice the opportunity to demonstrate what they've learnt throughout the apprenticeship. (This assessment only applies for apprenticeship standards and not for frameworks).

Details of what is in an end-point assessment is set out in the assessment plan. This will include an assessment of the apprentice's:

  • knowledge
  • skills
  • behaviours

Your apprentice can't achieve an apprenticeship standard without satisfying all the requirements listed in the apprenticeship standard, including the end-point assessment.

Where to find an end-point assessment organisation

You must select an organisation to deliver the end-point assessment from the register of end-point assessment organisations and agree to a price with this organisation for the end-point assessment.

Although the training provider will be involved in arrangements for the end-point assessment, the assessment itself must be independent.

The training provider must contract with the end-point assessment organisation on your behalf and have a written agreement in place to make payment to them for conducting the end-point assessment.

End-point assessment cost

We expect that the cost of the end-point assessment should not usually exceed 20% of the funding band maximum.

This cost is included in the overall cost agreed with the training provider for the apprenticeship.


When your apprentice successfully completes their apprenticeship they will be awarded a certificate.

The end-point assessment organisation will request the certificate on your behalf.

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