Which apprenticeship is right for my organisation?

Apprentices will spend at least 20% of their time on off-the-job training with your chosen training provider. Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to have a flexible, but structured training programme, that meet your organisation's needs.

If you’re an employer who wants to take on an apprentice, you need to know:

  • apprentices are aged 16 or over (to any age)
  • they combine working with studying to gain skills and knowledge in a specific job
  • they can be new or current employees who are looking to upskill

Apprenticeships are being developed, approved and added all the time. Keep a lookout for new apprenticeships that have been added and make sure that you find the right apprenticeship to meet your organisational needs.

When you're looking for an apprenticeship, make sure you:

  • select the right training for your organisation which delivers what you need
  • don’t accept training because it’s the only apprenticeship available
  • are in contact with the training provider and are both involved with the training and development of the apprentice

I want to find an apprentice for my organisation

If you’re interested in taking on an apprentice you should know:

  • how much it’s going to cost you
  • what funding you can get
  • how to find an apprenticeship that suits your organisational needs
  • how to find a training provider who can deliver the right training

You need to pay the apprentice a salary that doesn’t go below the minimum wage.

Your apprentice should:

  • work with experienced staff
  • learn job-specific skills
  • study whilst doing their apprenticeship

Types of apprenticeships

Apprentices must work towards an approved apprenticeship. Their training must last at least 1 year.

Apprenticeship standards

Designed by groups of employers, apprenticeship standards set out the knowledge, skills and behaviours the apprentice needs to be competent in a particular occupation. Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education is responsible for the development and approval of standards and works with employers to ensure a wide range of high-quality apprenticeship standards are available.

Apprenticeship frameworks

Apprenticeship frameworks are a series of work-related qualifications. There is no end-point assessment for this type of apprenticeship.

All apprenticeship frameworks will be withdrawn by 2020. This will be a phased approach as employers take on more apprentices using the new apprenticeship standards.

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