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Applying for an apprenticeship

Finding apprenticeship opportunities 

There are hundreds of apprenticeships to choose from and ‘Find an apprenticeship’ is a great resource to view current vacancies. The service can also be used to save and apply for vacancies and also create alerts for new vacancies in specific sectors and locations. 

Some employers advertise apprenticeship vacancies on their own website, and you can apply for them directly. 

Applications and CVs

Employers usually ask for applicants to submit a cover letter and CV. There is lots of support on how to write a CV and cover letter on the National Careers Service. 

For individuals who are still considering their options, it might be worth applying for an apprenticeship at the same time as applying for university which allows time to reach a decision. 

It is advised that applicants apply for more than one apprenticeship opportunity to increase their chances of success. 


If the application is successful, the applicant will be invited to interview with the employer. 

Interviews for apprenticeships are often similar to any other job interview but the process often differs between employers. For example, small employers might conduct one interview, whereas a large employer could request up to three.

An interview could consist of: 

  • a face to face interview 
  • a panel interview 
  • a phone interview 
  • a video interview

It is advised that the applicant does some key preparation before attending the interview. This could include: 

  • researching the apprenticeship and the organisation 
  • practicing by doing a mock interview 
  • checking where and when the interview is 
  • getting to the interview early 
  • dressing appropriately and staying focussed 
  • asking questions if they don’t understand 

For more interview advice, visit the National Careers Service.

A guide to apprenticeship applications

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A guide to apprenticeship interviews

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