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Become an apprentice

Everything you need to know about becoming an apprentice

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Hire an apprentice

Find out how to hire an apprentice and what you need to do

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How do they work?

Becoming an apprentice

An apprenticeship is a real job where you learn, gain experience and get paid. You're an employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave.

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Are they right for you?

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are an exciting option - you get hands-on training and also the chance to put your skills into practice.

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Setting up

How to choose the right apprenticeship training

There are hundreds of apprenticeships to choose from. They offer flexible, but structured training, that meet your needs as an employer.

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How do they work?

Training your apprentice

During their apprenticeship, your apprentice will receive two different types of training.

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