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Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems. This can include power, heating, lighting, security systems and renewable energy technologies.

There are two electrician apprenticeships to choose from:

  • level 3 domestic electrician: installing systems and fixing faults in people’s homes

  • level 3 installation and maintenance electrician: installing systems and fixing faults in homes, businesses and on construction sites

Typical tasks include:

  • preparing to work by looking at drawings and plans
  • installing wiring and electrical equipment
  • fixing electrical faults and replacing parts
  • inspecting and testing electrical installations to ensure safety
  • explaining complex problems to customers

After completion, apprentices may choose to continue their employment or start up their own independent business. Progression opportunities are available in a wide range of technical and commercial roles including, design, estimating and project management.

Apprenticeship duration: approx. 4 years

Salary expectations: starting salary can be up to £20k

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Where could you work?

Apprentices could work in their local area or choose to travel, visiting people's homes, workplaces, venues or transport systems.

“70% of our managers in technical roles first joined the company as apprentices. After gaining experience on site, some people rapidly progress into office-based or management roles or even teaching.”

- Clarkson Evans

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