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Engineering Fitter

With the rate of developments in technology, becoming an engineering apprentice is a great way to stay ahead of the game. engineering job roles are broad — from aerospace to heritage engineering — giving you many prospects for the future.

As an engineering fitter, your work involves assembling parts made from metals or other materials to create production equipment and machinery. You will interpret drawings and plan work, ensuring you have the right tools to create the components. You may have to make components when there are none available.

For example, you could be working on a submarine in the middle of an ocean, and have to replace a critical component to keep it going. Or you could be in a factory where the maintenance team bring you a component to strip, build, and get back on the line quickly to keep production going.

This is a fascinating job for someone who likes to understand how a component works, build it, and see the end result.

Apprenticeship duration: approx. 3.5 years

Salary expectations: starting salary can be up to £25k

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Where could you work?

Engineering applies science and mathematics to solve real-world problems. We constantly interact with the products of engineering in our day-to-day lives and engineers are essential in almost all sectors. Generally, engineering apprentices take on an operator role, involving anything from installing telecommunications systems, assembling car engines, fitting and testing machinery, to demolishing buildings or checking commercial or RAF aircraft. Employers include Jaguar Land Rover, British Airways, JCB and many more.

“Supporting people to develop skills throughout their careers will help individuals to access good jobs and help industry to improve productivity. That’s why we’re recruiting record numbers of apprentices.”

- Charles Woodburn, Chief Executive, BAE Systems

Meet some apprentices

Meet Daniel, who would like to develop his career and teach others engineering in the future.

Meet Georgina, whose apprenticeship led to a career as a design engineer.

Meet Raisa, an engineering technician at Jaguar Land Rover.

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