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New challenge, new career, new life

"As an apprentice in the NHS, you do feel you're supported. I've never felt so looked after. I couldn't just go and do a nursing degree, so the apprenticeship gave me that opportunity to get my foot in the door."
Sarah 50, trainee ophthalmic NHS nurse, Norfolk

My mum found my apprenticeship and I’ve never looked back

"Being an apprentice has been the best time of my life, I've been able to do things that I'm passionate about. I've been able to meet so many different people. I've built up my confidence. It's been the best experience it could have been."
Alim 22, Channel 4, London

Earn and learn straight from school

"I found the confidence I needed to take the apprenticeship, because I knew theatre is what I loved and where I wanted to be.There's never really a typical day. There's always different working hours and different people, which is my favourite part of it."
Hosanna 18, technical apprentice, London

Valuable hands-on experience

"I wasn't a hundred percent sure what I wanted to do after 6th form. Then, my mum showed me an ad in the local paper for an apprenticeship. I want to be earning six figures by the time I'm thirty. And that's the beauty of starting young, it's all possible."
Ella 22, operations manager, Chipping Campden

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Are they right for you?

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