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Tyler Good, a Studio Manager

Job title: Studio Manager

Company: Res Digital

What advice would you give a young person considering an apprenticeship?

It’s important to play to your talents & strengths. If school isn’t something you enjoy, you can find your niche, and earn whilst you learn. So, it’s always worth thinking about it.

Why would you encourage young people to consider a career in (your industry)?

Within this specific industry, you are encouraged to be creative and thoughtful in your approach to work. There is a lot of freedom involved in the job however that is within reason obviously. Ultimately the job can be high pressure, but there is no feeling like when you are proud of a piece of work you have produced and the client affirms your feelings.

How did you get into the industry?

I was always interested in finding some kind of work in this industry. Luckily Res Digital were kind enough to offer me an interview. We discussed doing some work experience which evolved into the apprenticeship. Which allowed me to learn whilst working with some extremely talented individuals.

What does your current role entail on a day-to-day basis?

The job can often differentiate depending on the day. Really the core of the job is editing our latest project; which does include support from other members of the team. But it can also involve setting up the green screen studio ready for live filming / voiceover recording. Furthermore, a lot of the work we do involves visiting site in order to capture the footage we need for a project.

Tell us about the best parts of the job.

My personal favourite part of the job is the opportunity to travel the world and interact with high level people in some of the world’s top industrial companies. This accompanied with a certain level of creative freedom, in that you can interpret instructions, are often the elements of the job that I enjoy the most.

What advice would you give to young people when they first get into a role?

The number one piece of advice I would give to young people getting into a role specifically in this industry is do not be afraid to contribute. The process is a lot more fun and becomes a lot easier when multiple people are putting ideas forward in a creative space. This comes alongside always asking for help when you need it, or even if you are just curious… it’s the best way to learn.

What is your proudest achievement?

I’ve been told I make a good cup tea. But a serious answer would be becoming more confident in my interactions with clients. This especially counts on filming days when it is necessary to be informative about what we need specifically from the clients or even how to approach a line or scene with the right cadence.


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