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The road to a quality apprenticeship

The Candidate

If recruiting are you using Recruit An Apprentice to reach the widest pool of candidates?

Do they understand the commitments of an apprenticeship?

Will they need additional learner or learning support?

Training & Assessment Provider

What is important to you about your training provider?

Have you selected a training provider using find apprenticeship training?

Have you negotiated the price of the standard with them?  Have they carried out an initial assessment of prior learning?

Have you selected an assessment provider?

Mentoring & Training

Have you monitored the progress of apprentices throughout to make sure they are on track?

Does your apprentice have access to career guidance, mentoring and learner support to ensure achievement?


Have you considered the next steps for your apprentices following the successful completion of their apprenticeship; whether in form of a promotion, an increased salary or the ability to specialise further?