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Assessment and certification

During your apprenticeship, you’ll be assessed to make sure you’re achieving the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for your chosen apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships also include an end-point assessment. It’s an assessment at the end of your apprenticeship to make sure you’re fully competent in your specific occupation. 

Your end-point assessment, known as an EPA, is carried out by an independent organisation known as an end-point assessment organisation (EPAO). It usually includes a practical demonstration of your skills as well as a discussion with an assessor that demonstrates your learning and your ability to do your chosen occupation.

Your employer or training provider will tell you what to expect and when the assessment will take place.

You can read our best practice guide to understand how you will be assessed.

If you pass the assessment, you’ll receive a certificate, meaning you have completed your apprenticeship successfully. Depending on the apprenticeship you are doing, you may also receive a qualification.


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