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Engineering and manufacturing

Almost every object has been manufactured in some way, whether in a factory by huge machines or with hand tools in a small workshop.

So as you can imagine, there are a host of different manufacturing and engineering apprenticeships available all over the country, at companies and workshops large and small.

Manufacturing companies produce parts and tools on both industrial and small scales, which in turn keeps all the other industries supplied with the materials needed to do their job.

Engineering, meanwhile, is all about making these things work and includes everything from servicing escalators and checking RAF aircraft to activating phone lines and broadband cables.

It's not just tools and workshops either. Software engineers are using the latest technologies to create virtual systems that will transform how we live and work in the future.

Apprenticeships include:

  • Electrical Power Networks Engineer
  • Rail and rail systems engineer
  • Brewer
  • Wood product manufacturing operative

Real stories Nestle

"I am so thankful that I’ve got a degree - but not just that on its own. I also have 3 years of invaluable hand-on experience."
Katie Lloyd, 22 Confectionery Degree Apprenticeship, Nestle

My apprenticeship at Nestle sounded like one of the best opportunities I'd come across. I had no clue what I wanted to do for a job, and I knew that I wanted to do further education – but I didn't want to spend 3 years and lots of money doing a degree that I probably wouldn't end up using. As soon as I saw the advert for my apprenticeship, with a degree included, I just knew it was perfect.

Earn while you learn

I'd be working with chocolate and learning skills created hundreds of years ago – with one of the biggest food and drink companies in the world. When I saw that I'd also be working to get a degree, I was over the moon! It seemed to be the best of both worlds – learning relevant skills while also earning a wage.

Fast-track your career

I am so thankful that I've got a degree – but not just that on its own. I also have 3 years of invaluable hands-on experience working at Nestle. This experience, and the amount I now know about the confectionery industry, gives me a huge advantage for future career options.


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