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Browse by interests

Agriculture, environment and animal care

Working outside or with animals, passionate about nature and the environment? Take a look at the jobs in this sector.

Business and administration

Business and administration could take you in many different career directions - a manager, personal assistant, CEO? See what types of roles are on offer.

Care services

Working in the care sector makes a real difference to people's lives, helping vulnerable children, young people, adults and the elderly, across a range of community care and support services.

Catering and hospitality

Cooking, hotels, restaurants, tourism, front of house and customer service. A varied sector where team working is key.


A multi-billion pound industry covering a range of roles and careers from traditional and specialist skills such as bricklaying and carpentry, to civil engineering, quantity surveying and more.

Creative and design

An exciting sector where your creative skills and imagination can come to the fore. Think photography, film, graphics, games design, fashion, interiors, publishing, journalism.


An ever-growing industry that is constantly evolving. You could be working in a small start-up tech company or a huge global software business. Ready to get connected?

Education and childcare

Helping children and young people develop skills and fulfill their potential.Helping children and young people develop skills and fulfill their potential.

Engineering and manufacturing

A world of nuclear reactors, software systems, automotive engineering and all kinds of manufacturing. A hands-on industry where you design and build products that shape the way we live, work, travel and play.

Hair and beauty

High street hair salons and luxury spas, theatre dressing rooms and backstage film and TV sets. So many creative roles in this multi-billion pound industry.

Health and science

Science, health and research-based careers cover a broad spectrum from the NHS to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Many varied roles on offer.

Legal, finance and accounting

Looking after a company's financial affairs or giving them legal advice? Working as a solicitor, paralegal, barrister or accountant. Lots of different career opportunities.

Protective services

Working in communities to keep people safe. This could be in the police or the armed forces, the fire service and waste management.

Sales, marketing and procurement

Sales in person, on the phone and online, e-commerce, marketing products and services to customers and helping companies make important purchasing decisions. This area covers a range of industries from retail and customer service to digital marketing and PR and more.

Transport and logistics

Keeping the nation's transport systems running smoothly. Getting people, products and parts from A to B just in time. Think aviation, lorries, buses, trains and ferries.