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Sales, marketing and procurement

All businesses need to find new customers and persuade them to buy things or use their services. Otherwise, companies would go out of business.

This is where sales and marketing comes in: finding the needs and wants of people, developing something that meets that need and creating a desire for it.

With the huge growth in social and digital media, digital marketing is now a key part of the strategy for most businesses, helping them to increase their presence both online and out in the real world.

Apprenticeships include:

  • Sales executive
  • Travel consultant
  • Estate agent
  • Digital marketer

Real stories RSPCA

"I'm gaining 2 qualifications and I will have 2 years’ worth of work experience in the charity sector, working for a hugely influential and recognised charity."
Ren Shilcock, 21 Digital Marketing Apprentice, RSPCA

When the opportunity came up for this apprenticeship, I couldn't say no. I work with a lovely team (both human and dog!) and I love that I get to learn and work on projects that I can have an influence over. I still can't get over the fact that I work for the RSPCA, the largest animal welfare charity in the UK!

Learn from industry leaders

Learning whilst working, and getting to apply what I've learnt in real-life scenarios, is a far greater experience to me than going to university lectures and not necessarily getting the appropriate work experience. I learn by doing, rather than just being told about things.

Earn while gaining qualifications

This could lead me down an assortment of paths once my apprenticeship is finished. I'm gaining 2 nationally recognised qualifications in digital marketing, and I will have 2 years' worth of work experience in the charity sector – working for a hugely influential and recognised charity.


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