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Content Creator

As a level 3 content creator apprentice, you will learn the latest modern marketing trends and how to create content with impact. Content creators are needed in all kinds of organisations, from charities to social media companies and even for high profile events like BAFTAs. With more organisations looking to project their brand’s personality, the demand for people who can produce high-quality content is growing fast.

A content creator apprentice will help to develop videos, images and articles to promote their organisation's message to an audience. You will get to see campaigns you have worked on published online, put up on billboards or even broadcasted on TV.

Typical tasks include:

  • researching the target audience
  • developing an idea according to a brief
  • supporting the production of the piece of content
  • keeping track of audience engagement

After completion, there are a range of apprenticeships you may move on to, including:

  • level 4 media production coordinator
  • level 4 marketing executive
  • level 5 journalist

You may also choose to work in a different sector, as you will have gained skills that are applicable to lots of different kinds of roles.

Apprenticeship duration: approx. 15 months

Salary expectations: starting salary can be up to £20k

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Where could you work?

Content Creators are found around the country in both creative and non-creative industries. Companies can vary in size from micro-businesses to multi-nationals. They might be a digital agency, charity, broadcaster or social media organisation.

"Apprenticeships are incredibly important to the creative media sector - and we like nothing better than watching young talent expanding their skills."

- Resolution Digital Agency

Meet some apprentices

Meet Rakia and Chloe, content creator apprentices becoming skilled in filming, editing, and recording audio.

Meet Ayra, a junior content producer apprentice.

Meet Tyler, a studio manager at Res Digital.

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