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Starting your apprenticeship

Before you start your apprenticeship, your employer will usually contact you. When they do, you should try to find out:

  • your working hours 
  • the dress code
  • what you need to bring - for example, your ID or a notepad and pens
  • your travel options - for example, where to park or the nearest train station
  • who to ask for on your first day

If you already work at the same place you're starting your apprenticeship, then ask your employer directly.

You will also receive an email invitation to create an account on the My apprenticeship service. On this service, you will be able to:

  • review and confirm your apprenticeship details
  • find help and support during your apprenticeship

You’ll spend at least 20% of your working time doing ‘off-the-job training’ for your apprenticeship. There are lots of different ways you can do this training, for example, at a college, university or online at your place of work. 

Your employer will find a suitable training provider for you.

To find out more about training providers, you can:

  • speak to your teacher or careers adviser 
  • speak to your employer

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