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How do they work?

Find out how apprenticeships are funded and how you can employ an apprentice.

How do they work?

Recruiting an apprentice

Apprenticeships help bring valuable skills into your business with the government's support. Learn about how to recruit an apprentice.

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How do they work?

Upskilling your workforce

Did you know you can use apprenticeships to upskill and retrain your existing workforce?

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Recruit an apprentice

Over 8 million searches for apprenticeships on Find an Apprenticeship each month.

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How do they work?

Funding an apprenticeship

Are you a levy or non-levy employer? Answer a simple question to discover your business type and how funding will work for your organisation.

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How do they work?

Training your apprentice

During their apprenticeship, your apprentice will receive two different types of training.

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How do they work?

Understanding end-point assessments

End-point assessment (EPA) is an assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that your apprentice has learned throughout an apprenticeship.

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How do they work?

Payments for hiring a young apprentice

Employers and training providers could be eligible for £1000 each if they hire an eligible apprentice.

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How do they work?

Apprentices’ existing knowledge can reduce training time

Your apprentice could spend less time training, or even qualify earlier, if they have relevant training, qualifications or experience.

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How do they work?

Prepare for the initial assessment

Before an apprentice starts, your training provider should arrange to work with you and the apprentice to assess existing knowledge they might have. Find out why, and how to prepare for this.

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