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Prepare for your initial assessment

What to expect from your initial assessment

At the start of your apprenticeship, you will have an initial assessment. This is a conversation between you, your employer and your training provider.

You will work together to identify if you are already competent in any areas of the apprenticeship. This could be because you have relevant:

  • training like an IT course
  • qualifications like an NVQ in a relevant field
  • industry or sector experience

Past learning could mean less time spent training

You should not have to do any part of the apprenticeship training that you are already competent in. This could mean less time training or that you could qualify earlier, depending on how your training is delivered.

Prepare to discuss relevant experience

Before your initial assessment, you should reflect on your career and experience.

If you have any evidence to support existing knowledge, it may be helpful. If you don’t have evidence, you should be prepared to discuss your existing knowledge.

Get support for maths, English or additional learning needs

Your initial assessment will also explore your:

  • maths and English level
  • additional learning needs, if applicable

These will also affect how, and what, training will be delivered. It’s a good idea to reflect on these as well and prepare any evidence you think may help.


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