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Your existing knowledge can reduce training time

What can contribute to reductions in training

If you have training or experience that is relevant to an apprenticeship, it could lead to a reduction in training time. This could be relevant:

  • training like an IT course
  • qualifications like an NVQ in a relevant field
  • industry or sector experience

When and how reductions are decided

At the start of your apprenticeship, you will have an initial assessment. This is a conversation between you, your employer, and your training provider.

You will work together to identify if you are already competent in any areas of the apprenticeship.

You should not have to sit any part of the apprenticeship training that you, your employer, and your training provider agree that you are competent in.

What this means for you

Your individual training plan will be based on the outcome of your initial assessment. This plan will ensure you’re fully competent for your role, without covering material you already know.

This could mean less time training or qualifying earlier, depending on how your training is delivered.


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